6ix9ine And Meek Mill Beef – Who Did What?

So over the past two days there have been some events unfolding surrounding Meek Mill and 6ix9ine who recently made a comeback teasing some new music and trying to get some attention back on him and this new situation with Meek Mill seems to also be part of that plan. To understand the timeline of…More


Is Russ About To Drop A New Album?

I started to like Russ back in November of last year when he dropped his EP “CHOMP” and that was my introduction to him. Of course I had heard of him before that with tracks like “What You Want” or “Losin Control”, but I never really got into his music. I was also under the…More

The Problem With 6ix9ine’s Return – He’s BACK Releasing New Songs

So over these past two weeks some attention has been shed at none other than infamous New York artist Tekashi 6ix9ine. He released two new videos on Instagram over the past 14 days that tease at two new songs which are typical 6ix9ine stuff if you’ve listened to them and I’m honestly not that excited…More

Lil Baby Teases New Music Dropping In 2021 – “IJU (IT’S JUST US)”

So Lil Baby has been active on Instagram these past couple of days teasing new music and possible a new project or EP. We’re of course also still waiting for his mixtape “Lamborghini Boys” that’s supposed to drop this year and we recently got the singles “On Me” and “Errbody”, which I thought were going…More

Did Cardi B Really Steal The Hook For Her New Single “Up”?

So there was a little bit of controversy surrounding Cardi B’s new single “Up”. Some people weren’t happy about the hook Cardi B used on this new song, you know the “if it’s up then it’s stuck”. In particular was this the case with New Jersey rapper Mir Pesos and his collaborator Mir Fontane who…More